How to sew a simple pillow with just two straight lines

It doesn’t get any easier than this. One piece of fabric, two straight lines, and that’s it. I’ve made it a dozen times, but no matter how the dimensions change, the idea is basically the same. Mad props to my friend Eileen, who taught me how to make it the first time.

Preparation: measure the pillow you would like to cover. For the cutting pattern, you’ll have to do a little math. The pillow in the picture is 21×24 inches, so let’s use that as an example. The cutting pattern is a single rectangle. The measurement of the short side should be 2 inches inches longer than the short side of the pillow. The measurement of the long side should be twice plus 1/3 the length of the long side of the pillow. So my cutting pattern was 23 inches by 56 inches.
Make an envelope with the fabric, a little larger than the pillow, with the overlapping flaps on the back. Make sure the good part of the fabric is facing in. Pin the fabric along the sides, and sew the sides shut (see pictures). Do not sew the envelope closed along the overlapping flaps. Turn it inside out and square the corners, then slide the pillow inside the case (again, see pictures).

And that’s all.