Paper wreath craft project, with foam wreath substitute

File under: DIY, seasonal, repurposed materials

This wreath project, made out of two old books, came to us from the brilliant folks at Living with Lindsay. When Lucy showed us the photos (and video) of their version, we were totally, completely captivated. It had been on Lucy’s wishlist for awhile, so one Sunday afternoon we set out to make our own book wreath.

There’s just one hitch. Foam wreaths are next to impossible to find in downtown Toronto. I mean, apparently there are styrofoam wreaths at the big box craft store at Wilson Stn, but downtown? No dice. After two snooty conversations at local art supply stores, we were pretty bummed. But on a trip to the dollar store, we decided to try something else.

The centre of our wreath is a pool noodle. We found a hollow one, and bent it into a circle, using chopsticks for stability, plus a pile of duct tape to make sure it stayed closed. Because of that, the wreath is kind of enormous, but otherwise, it turns out pool noodles make a pretty good styrofoam wreath substitutes.

Total cost: about $10, mostly in glue gun sticks.

Prep time: about 10 hours of labour. Three of us made this one in a little more than 3 hours.

Full instructions here.



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