Fresh Peach Cobbler

File under: dessert; peaches; baking; vegan; ice cream; summer

So about three years ago, I began vegan baking. A person of vegan extraction had entered my life, and so the challenge was on to produce goodies without using animal-derived ingredients. If I could bake successfully with eggs, butter, and milk, I thought, I could bake successfully without eggs, butter, and milk. The logic was perhaps simplistic – but happily I wasn’t wrong. It’s been delicious animal-free treats ever since.

Today, I made vegan Fresh Peach Cobbler (from – lots of great recipes there, you guys! *cough* peanut-butter coffee cake *cough*).














I promised myself I would wait till August to make this cobbler, when Ontario peaches are at their most flavourful, but…well, I’m not known for my self-control, so voilà!

Fresh Peach Cobbler might not win any beauty pageants, but it’s obscene how much I love this dessert. Pair it with (vegan?) French vanilla ice cream. I dare you.

Prep: 20 – 30 minutes + 25 minutes’ baking time



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